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Gamma Camera and Holiday | Week #2

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This week I’ve been holiday from university, but that hasn’t stopped the deadlines or the need to keep working! 

Despite being in Australia, on Thursday I had to submit my nuclear medicine essay on the gamma camera. The gamma camera, if you haven’t heard of it, is an imaging modality that allows doctors to image the distribution of gamma radiation emitting radiopharmaceuticals (drugs that emit gamma radiation as a radioactive isotope that has been included in the chemistry decays). I always find that essays are way more work than exams, and it takes me forever to write them. This one was no exception, so I started about 4 weeks ago and only finished a few hours before the deadline. The 10.5 hr time difference didn’t help with that either.

I have to submit my preferences for my 4th and 5th year placements on Monday (24th Feb). There are about 120 different combinations of hospitals and modules in various orders for 4th and 5th year. I have to narrow it down to 20 choices, ranked from 1-20. Plus, I have to keep in mind my randomly allocated ballot number (149/ 500) which is the order in which our preferences are considered. Which means I’ll be the 149th person to be placed and all of my top choices for placements may already be full by then!


I’ve been in Adelaide this week visiting my fiancé’s parents. February and March is a great time to visit Adelaide. The city is full of people from all over Australia and the world, come to visit Adelaide for The Fringe, The Adelaide 500 and The Adelaide Festival.

On Friday we visited the garden of unearthly delights, the Fringe’s home, and saw Cabaret Consultations. It was a hilarious show by Dr Ahmed, a GP who splits his time between the UK and Australia. He is A very funny stand up comedian and talented cabaret performer, go check him out if he’s got a show near you!

On holiday it’s been very hard to find time to write or update the blog. I haven’t brought my laptop so I’m having to do it all from my phone and iPad, really not ideal! The next post will be back on the laptop though so will hopefully be out on time. 

I have now submitted all of my assessed essays for this year, so it is just dissertation (due in April) and three exams in May before the end of the academic year. I will have to start writing my dissertation properly in the next few weeks. I’ve been jumping around the sections making notes and finding resources up until now. 

Next week

I’ll be flying back to the UK from Australia before my post next week. The flight over was absolutely fine. I’m not a nervous flyer and always fee like plane food just starts the holiday. Fingers crossed the flight back will be good too. 

That’s it for this week! As always please do get in touch via the contact page and leave a comment below. You can view last week’s post here.

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Connor is a medical student at King’s College London. For the 19/20 academic year he is undertaking an intercalated iBSc in Imaging Sciences, also at King’s.

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