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Top 10 FREE IOS apps for medical students

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There are tonnes of great free or paid-for apps for students on the app store. Here I’ve gone through my top 10 free apps for students available on iPhones and iPads. I’ve split them into three sections: Note Taking, Storage, Productivity and Mental Health.

Best apps for: Note taking


Price: FREE

Why I love it: You can sync your notes across devices and share your notes with other Evernote users (great for when you or a friend can’t make it to a lecture.

Dragon Dictation

Price: FREE

Why I love it:  Allows you to dictate into your phone or tablet and convert to text, ready to paste into any other app, send as a message or save it for use later.


Price: FREE

Why I love it: This app is a great note taking app that allows you to sink your notes seamlessly between your phone, tablet, laptop and even apple watch if you’re lucky enough to own one). It has good integration with the iPad Pro and apple pencil too.

Best apps for: Storage


Price: FREE

Why I love it: This app is a must have if your university provides you with an Office account. Store all your documents in one place and access them from any device. You also have access to the full range of Office apps, including Word, PowerPoint and Notes.

Google Drive

Price: FREE

Why I love it: If you don’t have free access to the Microsoft Office apps, then Google offers a great range of alternatives. They do pretty much all the same functionality.

Best apps for: Productivity


Price: FREE

Why I love it: The app gives you access to your Mendeley / Zotero library on-the-go. You can save the reference to the app to use later or email it to yourself. Annotate PDFs in-app with highlights, drawings and notes.


Price: FREE

Why I love it: A great to-do list app that allows you to create check lists of the tasks you need to complete. You can convert quickly written thoughts or jobs into scheduled or recurring tasks without having to click through a load of menus.

Best apps for: Mental Health


Price: FREE (for the first 10 sessions)

Why I love it: Headspace is a great app for meditation and mindfulness, something a lot of us should probably be doing a lot more of. The first ten sessions guide you through the basics of mindfulness, and then from there you can subscribe for a tonne of great sessions.

Sleep Cycle

Price: FREE

Why I love it: The app uses smart algorithms to track your sleep cycle throughout the night. The smart alarm system wakes you while you’re in a light sleep, supposedly giving you an energising start to your day.

Yoga Studio

Price: FREE

Why I love it: An all-in-one yoga and meditation app, that gives you a range of free yoga flows to do at home. The videos guide you through each session with a range of classes for all yoga levels. The app does have a range of in app purchases for more lessons, but you have a load of free ones available.

Thanks so much for reading the post!

What are your favourite apps for students? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll shortly be doing another app guide for the apps I use most for my studies and revision, so stay tuned! As always, feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact page.

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Connor is a medical student at King’s College London. For the 19/20 academic year he is undertaking an intercalated iBSc in Imaging Sciences, also at King’s.

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